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Don't be put off by all the extra saliva, the more the better. We all have our ulterior motives eh? Instructions during sex, of course, sound much better when you say it dirty! A trip to a sex shop can be an enlightening experience, and make it much easier to open. If you prefer, use lube. From this point on, I am a Sex Goddess.

And all sex-savvy girls also know that the appeal of girl-on-top for the guy is that he gets a great front-row view of your breasts, stomach and face. We even have bondage sex positions! Believe it or not, although men love a sexy pair of black lace French knickers and matching bra, they can also get immensely turned on by discovering that you are wearing your ordinary cotton panties especially the Bridget Jones kind! Sex tip #17: If a man likes to play with your ass, chances are he wants you to play with his! Sex tip #10: Stuck for birthday ideas? Although the Kama Sutra is known for its sex positions, the text in its entirety was actually considered a treatise on pleasure. It can mean more pleasure for you. If you don't genuinely want to do it, then you are missing my point. When he's inside you, going down on you, but not when he's kissing you!

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